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Long time, no blog.

Today, I was inspired to blog.  I haven’t written anything on the blog for over two years.  I have followed the well-worn death-march of many who start a blog that the world can’t live without, only to find that the world didn’t recognize its deep need.  (Silly world!)

Well, let the world not recognize its deep need, I think it’s time to blog again.  For me.  One of the reasons it took me so long to get back here is I couldn’t remember or find my administrative log-in information.  Finally I was able to manage that one, but actually, it took another, rather silly (to some) impetus to get me off dead center: Malcolm Guite.

That’s right.  Malcolm Guite.  I found out that Malcolm had somehow started following my blog.  A dead blog at that.  (Well, not dead, but desperately close to it.)  Malcolm, some may not realize, is an incredible poet, an Anglicamalcolm-guite-3-RESIZEn priest, Bye-Fellow and Chaplain at Cambridge University in the U.K.  He was also instrumental in establishing a center in Cambridge dedicated to the work of G.K. Chesterton.  And he’s a decent musician.  Kind of a “Renaissance Man for the Apocalypse.”  (P.S. He rides a Harley.)

I sort of met Malcolm at a C. S. Lewis Society writers’ conference/retreat where he keynoted–an encounter far more impactful on me than on him, I suspect.    Since then, we have had occasional exchanges as Facebook “friends” (broadly interpreted).

Well, Malcolm, thanks for the accidental inspiration.  You’ve inspired me to begin posting a series of devotionals I’ve been writing based on the sonnets in George MacDonald’s (A Book of Strife in the form of) The Diary of an Old Soul.  Prayerfully, it will some day become a book,  but for now I hope it will suffice as daily bread.

Welcome to the Shire Tea and Reading Room, Malcolm.  I strongly suspect…OK, I know…you are a fellow halfling.  I hope you–and maybe a couple of others–enjoy the January 1 entry from Crimson Leaves: Old Soul Devotionals.

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  1. Glad to have got you started again and look forward to reading the reflections on Macdonald

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