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Why Another Blog?

Why in the world should anyone be interested in the obscure birth of another blog?

Well, I guess it will be up to readers and commentators–if there are any–to address that.  Since the topics that may be discussed here will, in one way or another, be somehow linked with “belief,” I guess it is my belief that such topics are imminently relevant, whether readers consider themselves persons of “faith” or not.

Truth be known, we are all people of faith, for to be otherwise would be to not live at all.  Faith under-girds and drives everything we do.  What differs among us all is the substructure of faith, which should be possible to articulate in a fairly concise way–like the mission statement so promoted in our day.  If we bother to think about it at all, that is.  Our age teaches us not to think.  We must examine, define, and test what we believe, and the only way to accomplish that is through reflection and thought.  In our murky age of relativism, since we can each be arbiters of our own “truth,” true critical thought has, to large extent, suffered the fate of Nietzsche ‘s God.  We are guided by what we feel, what we want, and by our opinions (which bear a resemblance, but often don’t incorporate thought that is meaningful or that demands anything of us at a profound level).

So I choose to relate in terms of belief, rather than faith.  I favor that word’s rich genealogy in the old English.  It derives from the notion of that which we live by.  Faith, in any meaningful sense, will also serve this idea of course, but may come booby-trapped because it conjures religious prejudices that may blockade the minds, rendering unfettered dialogue difficult–if not impossible.

Engaging in real, honest, respectful conversation–rather than adversarial diatribe–is always a path worth pursuing.  So, if you’d care to walk with a bent man on a street called straight, I’d enjoy the company.  And I promise that, if nothing else, I’ll be honest with you.  Good night.   >mow



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  1. Congratulations on the new blog, Mike. Since we are all “bent” (and broken!), we look forward to hearing about the unique ways God equips you to “keep walking”.

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